About It’s Coffee O’Clock

Wow! You clicked on “About Us!” We never do that… we’re usually too busy drinking coffee. Anyway, we’re glad you clicked in, and we’ll be happy to tell you a bit about ourselves.

Coffee O’Clock was created out of nothing more nor less than a passion for coffee, and a desire to help people create the perfect cup in their own kitchen. You want a great brew, and you want to have it without having to venture out to your local coffee shop in all manner of weather. That means that you need a great coffee machine. So, we have created this website to help you find the perfect coffee machine.

Of course everyone has different wants and needs. Maybe you just want a single cup, or maybe mornings in your house consist of everyone gathering around a huge coffee machine and taking their fair share. Whatever you’re looking for, we think we can help you to find the right coffee maker.

We also know that not everyone can shell out big bucks for a coffee maker, so with that in mind, we have included modestly priced units in our reviews. Besides, you don’t always need all the bells and whistles, even if you can afford them.

So take a look at our reviews. Also check out our guides for tips and tricks to help you brew the perfect pot. We know you’ll find just the right coffee machine and be brewing great coffee in no time!